About the Author

lauraportraitLaura Ingalls-Wei was born near Great Mishgan Lake, in a region that some still called Wisconsin. When she was eight years old, Laura’s family moved west in the first of a series of journeys that would take her far and wide across what had once been the heartland of the Old Merican Empire, where she experienced firsthand all the joys and hardships of life out in the depopulated wilderness that characterized the century after the Great Bust.

On the encouragement of her literary manager, Laura began a project of recording her memories of this eventful childhood. The first of these autobiographical accounts is entitled Little House on the Wasteland. Through the magic of literature, it is scheduled for publication in November, 2018 (the distant past, from Laura’s perspective).

Laura currently lives within the borders of the Free and Independent Republic of Merica, in a little house in the countryside southeast of Jiujinshan, with her husband and daughter.